Give Your Office A Makeover – Top Tips


Has your office become dull and messy? Or is your current office work space a little drab? If yes, then this may be the reason you’re not able to achieve your targets. Research has shown that a dull, drub office, or a work space that is cluttered and disorganized, can have a negative impact on the mood and productivity of employees in an organization.
But, fortunately, you can reverse these negative effects of poor workspace by implementing these top makeover tips.

How To Make Over Your Office

1. Design your office work space with task-specific zones

Rearrange your current work areas to include distinct zones that allow for interaction and collaboration whilst still providing privacy. This of it like a vibrant city – there are zones to concentrate, create things, collaborate, play and socialize! A specialist dealing with office fit outs NZ can help you rearrange your current work space to include all these zones and more. The contractor would also be able to connect you to qualified office furniture specialists who can provide the appropriate supplies and all office furniture in NZ applicable to each zone.

2. Add an element of hospitality

When redesigning your current office, think vibrancy and hospitality. Your aim should be to turn your drab work space into a welcoming environment for your employees. You can achieve this by engaging a good office fit outs NZ professional to create a hospitality area for your employees. This station should provide refreshments and other necessities for your employees, who will really appreciate it.

3. Encourage personalisation

Once your office fit outs NZ contractor creates the appropriate zones, allow your employees to come in and personalise their private spaces. This is a great way to make your employees feel engaged in your organization’s decisions and to create a homey feel.
So, don’t be strict and inflexible when it comes to your employees’ private spaces. Allow them to feel at home. It’ll only boost their individual productivity.

4. Provide supportive furniture

Engage a reputable commercial office furniture NZ specialist to provide the right furniture for your office. Good office furniture should be ergonomic, supporting your employees’ bodies, minds and overall health; and should include pieces that support different types of postures. It also needs to be geared toward achieving a vibrant work space that is welcoming and a little bit more homey.

5. Incorporate elements of fun

Fun zones are the best way to create a more homey office environment. Think of gaming systems, ping pong, snacks and the like. These zones will not only support collaboration and teamwork, but also make your employees come to work. They also help create a company culture that allows your teams to gel and one that fosters rapport and an agile, energizing work environment. They will encourage your employees to work effectively together and to genuinely feel like they are part of the organization “”family””.

7. Add the right colours

Colours have been shown to affect our moods. So, they affect the moods of your employees. Some colours can boost their concentration and productivity, while others may be distracting. Hire an office fit outs NZ expert to help incorporate the right colours in your office work place.

8. Add ample natural light

There has been shown to be a correlation between natural light and workers efficiency. Natural lighting can boost employee productivity, and you should therefore ensure your work spaces have enough of it. The right lighting fixtures will also be very helpful in boosting their efficiency.

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4 Tips for Choosing Quality Office Furniture


Moving into a new office space can be an exciting prospect, but the fun quickly dissipates when it’s time to choose new office furniture. Below are several tips to help company owners and managers choose the right types of commercial office furniture for a New Zealand workplace.

Size vs. Office Layout

Even the best-looking height adjustable desk in NZ is useless if it will not fit in the room or if it clashes with the layout. Desks should be situated where there is enough room to open drawers and cabinets, and they should be placed where employees can comfortably and easily navigate the room. Another point to consider is the emergency exit. It is illegal to have furniture blocking the path, and office owners should plan accordingly.

Consider Practicality Over Appearance

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing new office furniture, and some customers make the mistake of placing appearance over usability. While both are important, function is more vital than form. Customers should ask themselves whether desks have enough storage space, whether furniture can serve multiple purposes, and whether it’s easy to maintain.

Get a Good Value for your Money

It can be tempting to base purchase decisions solely on price, especially in start-up companies on a limited budget. However, cheap office furniture can be costly in the long term. In most cases, a customer gets what they pay for, and buyers should focus on quality furniture that’s durable and affordable.

Choose Comfort

This aspect is closely related to ergonomics, but a comfortable work space can be an elusive concept. It’s easy to forget how much time is spent in the office, and many buyers get the bare essentials. By investing in comfort along with ergonomics, company owners can increase productivity and employee morale.

Choosing new furniture and office stationery in NZ is not easy. A poor decision means you will have spent all your budget and then be stuck with unwanted furniture. By making careful choices and visiting Ergonomic Office at, your company can get furniture that stands the test of time.